Cloud Solutions

Hashtag Technologies cloud consulting process involves assessment, plan and execution. Our consultants will collaborate with you to assess your current IT setup to define an ideal approach to migrate your business applications into cloud, and execute it successfully regardless of your application's complexity. Hashtag Technologies is also efficient in delivering scalable, secured and high performing custom cloud applications when the situation calls for it.

What To Move

Prioritize your applications, workflows and infrastructure for cloud migrations.

How To Move

Formulate a migration strategy to address your business goals and migrate your processes with minimal disruption to your business operations.

Where To Move

We help you migrate to reliable platforms like Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and more.


We can help you with complete infrastructure migration

Enterprises are adopting cloud to their business in a rapid pace to keep up with the constantly evolving business needs and the ever changing customer demands. You need the help of an experienced cloud partner who can take your business to cloud without causing any hindrance to your business operations. Hashtag Technologies can seamlessly migrate your business operation to cloud for optimal performance. We can help you with complete infrastructure migration, on-premise business application migration, re-architect existing applications for cloud deployments, data migration or platform migration.


We continuously monitor
to identify threats

Managing the cloud infrastructure all by yourself is a time consuming activity. Leave your cloud management to our team of cloud experts while you can focus on your core business. We offer 24/7 cloud management services which covers complete cloud infrastructure management, cloud monitoring, cloud usage optimization, DevOps, cloud automation and much more. Our cloud consultants can analyze your existing cloud infrastructure setup to identify gaps and offer solutions to address them for improvements. We continuously monitor to identify threats and manage incidents 24/7.